The Remarkable, Rough-Riding Life of Theodore Roosevelt and the Rise of Empire America
National Geographic, 2007. ISBN: 978-1-4263-0008-0

This book is the 3rd in my series of Cheryl Harness Histories and my favorite.144 pp. Here is the life of one of THE most interesting Americans to ever draw breath. I don't see how TR could have packed any more life into his 60 years on earth. If you don't read this book - I hope you WILL -please learn about this truly remarkable man.

"Readers will come away knowing and understanding the man and his times."
 - School Library Journal



The Trailblazing Life of Daniel Boone and How Early Americans Took to the Road
National Geographic, 2007. ISBN:978-1-4263-0145-2

4th in a series of Cheryl Harness Histories, 144 pp. Here's the life story of the greatest frontiersman of them all PLUS loads of maps and transportation info about how early Americans got where they wanted to go.

"With humor and a lively and wonderfully entertaining style of writing, Cheryl Harness brings history to life. Her timeline at the bottom of the pages helps readers see what was taking place in the world during Daniel's lifetime, and her lovely illustrations and maps break up the text beautifully." - Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Review

"the author has wisely chosen to place Mr. Boone within the context of his times, as well as contributing to an ongoing timeline that places American history with the framework of world history. The approach makes good sense for anyone learning history, particularly for young people. The author also uses modern phrasing to tell the story as if she were telling it to the reader, in particular, rather than telling it in general. ... There are plenty of maps that include not only geography but who controlled various areas, troop movements and interesting tidbits of information." - Meredith Kiger, Ph.D.
Children's Literature

Women Daredevils
Dutton, 2008. ISBN:978-0-525-47948-2

Written by Julie Cummins, recently added to Oprah Winfrey's Kids' Reading List. I was entirely happy to illustrate this book about 14 brave dames, such as Zazel, the Human
Cannonball; and Annie Edson Taylor, the 1st person to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel and live to tell the tale!

"Detailed pen and pencil drawings provide younger readers with fabulous poster-like visuals of both the woman and her particular circus act or daring escapade. Cultural tidbits, such as the fact that American President Woodrow Wilson came to the circus to specifically watch May Wirth, "The World's Greatest Bareback Rider," and the news that parachutist Georgie Broadwick tested an aerial life preserver for the Aviation Bureau of the U.S. Navy, are fun to read." -  Children's Literature


The Groundbreaking, Chance-Taking Life of George Washington Carver AND Science & Invention in America
National Geographic Society, 2008. ISBN:978-1-4263-0196

This 2008 chapter book is the last of my series of Cheryl Harness Histories.  As in the other four titles, I've combined biography with social history, including a timeline running along the bottom of the book's 144 pages (most of 'em anyway). You can learn about the life of this charismatic scientist/author/educator as well as what was going on in the world during his lifetime (1865?-1943). It's painstakingly illustrated throughout with pen & ink drawings. 

"The lively prose style conveys his sense of passion and adventure about the man and his intellectual pursuits, and the simple black-and-white drawings add a further sense of drama. This is not just a good choice for biography assignments; it's also a strong recommendation for a nonfiction read-aloud and as a way to interest fiction readers in biography."  - School Library Journal



The Literary Adventures of Washington Irving
National Geographic Society, 2008. ISBN: 978-1426304385

The Literary Adventures of WASHINGTON IRVING, superstar American author and, as a
young man: total hottie. Writing and illustrating the life of this literary adventurer gave me the chance to draw and paint President George Washington, Queen Victoria, Emperor Napoleon, Barbary pirates, as well as First Lady Dolley Madison and that headless horseman chasing poor, creeped-out Ichabod Crane through Sleepy Hollow.

"In a relatively approachable narrative peppered with a generous supply of direct quotations, Harness gives the details of Irving's life, along with contextual historical information. The book's casual tone makes for pleasant reading". - School Library Journal

"Pairing insightful text with paintings organized into comic-book-style frames, Harness captures with exuberance everything that made Irving's life so exciting: his Revolutionary War upbringing, his early encounter with his presidential namesake, his world travels, and the ideas that made him famous, including Rip Van Winkle, the Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow, and the transformation of Sinterklaas into jolly old St. Nick. The busy artwork will be what initially captures fancies-there's a surprising amount of depth to each painting, and many of the frames are encircled by literary quotes that will have readers rotating the book upside-down. Most captivating are the maps of Irving's various tours across America and Europe... The sharpness of the text provides proper balance; when teasing the secret of one of Irving's stories, Harness simply writes, "Read the story. Get the shivers." And readers will." - Booklist


Women Explorers
Dial, 2012. ISBN: 978-0803737136

"Cummins masterfully includ[es] interesting details . . . Informative and entertaining." - School Library Journal

"In an engaging, informative style, Cummins highlights fascinating facts about these feisty
females 'who conquered the unknown.'"
- Kirkus



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