National Geographic Society
ISBN 0-7922-6970-5

"Few Americans ever did so much for their country as John Adams, or lived such an eventful life. How wonderful now to see his story told for children in such appealing fashion. Cheryl Harness's illustrations and text are a delight, appropriately full of life and understanding."  - David McCullough, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of John Adams

"An accessible, appealing, and informative look at the second president of the United States, "the stout, stubborn New Englander eternally bookended and overshadowed by tall, glamorous Virginians [George Washington and Thomas Jefferson]." .. Large, colorful illustrations highlight points in the text, such as a painting of Adams, Jefferson, Washington, and Alexander Hamilton looking sincere and forceful. The book closes with an overview of world events during Adams's presidency, including Napoleon's invasion of Egypt."
- School Library Journal

"Harness' warm, friendly, mixed-media illustrations, which range from full-color, double-page spreads to labeled diagrams to black-line silhouettes, will delight children, and quotes from Adams' letters, including many letters to his wife, Abigail, are a bonus. A fascinating book for young history buffs, this will also be great for classes studying the struggle for independence."
- Booklist



Dutton Children's Books
ISBN 0-525-47035-2

"The focus here is on American feminists from the pre-Revolutionary War period to the present. Following in loose chronological order, the book opens with Ann Lee, the "Mother of the American Shakers" (1736-1784), and ends with government reformer Doris Haddock (born 1910). Each of the 20 profiles is handled uniformly over spreads packed with more information than is immediately apparent.." - School Library Journal


Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 48 pp.
ISBN 0-689-83135-8

With the ghost of Willie Lincoln, son of Abraham, go back to the the terrible War Between the States, War for Southern Independence, War of the Rebellion, War of African American Emancipation, Battle of the Blue and Gray, Brothers' War... whatever you call it, the tragic Civil War touched the lives of all Americans. Why do I say "Ghosts?" Because our lives are affected and haunted by the decisions made by those who've gone before.

School Library Journal
"Young Lindsey, bored and cranky as she visits a Civil War reenactment with her parents, is transported back in time when she meets the ghost of Willie Lincoln. Starting with the arrival of the first slaves in 1619, Willie explains the origins of the war and its history. Using highly detailed, captioned paintings, sidebars, and annotated maps, Harness imparts a great deal of information on each spread.... Still, this is a good choice for elementary students with strong reading skills who are studying the period, visiting a reenactment or battlefield, or interested in the War Between the States." -
Rita Hunt Smith, School Library Journal

"The paintings are full of period details, mini-dramas involving ordinary people as well as famous figures in the war, and speech balloons carrying the children's conversations and comments from other people in the crowded scenes. Appendixes include cameo portraits and brief biographies of significant people, a map showing campaigns and battlefields, information on flags and famous firsts of the war, a glossary, and two brief bibliographies. An imaginative and strongly visual introduction to the Civil War." -
Carolyn Phelan, Booklist


Harper Collins, Spring 2001
ISBN 0-688-17017-X

Imagine Abigail Adams gazing into a glowing monitor, tapping a keyboard with slender fingers, writing a letter to her beloved John...about their country in the 21st century...She'd glory in the freedom and achievement of American women in business, the arts, education, science, sports, and government. Then she'd "Remember the Ladies" who made it all possible, who are making possible what remains to be achieved. IMAGINE!

National Geographic Society, Spring 2000
ISBN 0-7922-7096-7

"By the time they've finished Harness' book, young readers should have a sense of George WAshington as both the ordinary and extraordinary person he was...a new face on a legend."   
-- Pittsburg Post-Gazette

"The society has...come out with a biography on George Washington to join two other previously published biographies that are so splended it's hard to overstate their contributions to the genre...I couldn't imagine a better introduction to the life of George Washington and while it's billed as a children's book, any history buff would treasure this beautiflly written and illustrated biography of our nation's first president."   
-- Knoxville News-Sentinel

Simon & Schuster, Winter 1999
ISBN 0-689-82118-2

"...her ability to present a large amount of information succinctly and clearly shines through here."
--Publisher's Weekly

"...the wealth of fast facts and varied, colorful illustrations...convey the excitement and dazzling changes the century has brought.
--School Library Journal


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