National Geographic Society, 1998
ISBN 0-7922-7094-0

"Picture-book biographies of this caliber are a good buy, since, in addition to the target audience, they can be used by beginning readers and pre-readers to get basic information, as well as by older youngsters..."
-- Booklist

"What a joy and pleasure to read Young Teddy Roosevelt!"
-- John A. Gable, Executive Director
    Theodore Roosevelt Association


Simon & Schuster, 1998
(available in paperback from Scholastic)
ISBN 0-689-80872-0

"...this presents history as real epople with real personalities rather than as dry, dusty textbooks facts, and the tantalizing tidbits presented may pique student interest enough for them to follow up on their own."
-- Booklist

"If you want to learn about the White House and its presidents in an enjoyable and spectacular way, this is it."
-- Cincinnati Post

"We love your book. The whole Bush family loves it."
-- President George H.W. Bush

"...(a) unique approach to the history of the White House and its inhabitants..."
--President Bill Clinton

Colorado Children's Book Award, 2002

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