George Washington
National Geographic Society Spring 2000
ISBN 0-7922-7096-7

With his stubborn confidence in America's liberty, it was as if George Washington was the Revolution. He had an army that trusted him. Why not use it to seize power and rule as King of the United States? But he was walking away from power? Just like that? Even King George III said that if the general could give up a throne, he'd be the greatest man of the whole 18th century. George could and did and was.

George Washington's Mt. Vernon Home and Gardens

In a way, it's hard to talk about the tall, shy, self-doubting boy who took himself so seriously, who'd lost his dad, who turned himself into a powerful outdoorsman, horseman, graceful dancer, ambitious soldier, and experimental farmer. This handsome guy with a hot temper, bad teeth, and a deep sense of his own destiny, that he'd been saved for something important seeing as he'd almost been killed again and again. He encouraged his suffering soldiers and became the hero of the amazing, impossible war for independence, this first president who kept a tiny ship of state from going belly up, dead in the water.


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