Papa's Christmas Gift
Simon & Schuster, 1995 (out of print)
ISBN 0-689-80344-3

Following a distant star, Pilgrims come to Bethlehem, gather from afar. They kneel in tiny smoky chapels, look up at the sky, listening for angels, singing from on high. While his family listens to Papa spin his Christmas rhyme, far across the ocean, at that very time, choirs carol Stille Nacht in Vienna: stained windows shine red. Herr Beethoven walks in drifting snow, hearing music in his head.

What was going on 'round the world that night Professor Clement Clarke Moore first read his poem, a visit from St. Nicholas to his family? That was the idea of this book. I loved the notion of simultaneity: all different kinds of LIFE going on and all these cultures perculating at the very same time, for instance Christmas Eve of 1822. Of course since I've written this book, it turns out that the genuine author of this swell classic poem may actually be a gentleman by the name of Henry Livingston Jr. Hmmmmmmmmmm.


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