Three Young Pilgrims
Bradbury Press, 1992 (available in paperback)
ISBN 0-02-742643-2

Down below their (the tree young Pilgrims) feet were the dark, bad-smelling rooms for the people and their bundles. Below them was the hold full of cargo and barrels of food and water. Below all this was dark, cold seawater where Mama said fish swam through the bones of poor drowned sailors.

When I went to New York City - first time - with my portfolio in the spring of 1985 - I was so scared - I got the chance to pant a cover for a paperback edition of Patricia Clapp's wonderful historical novel, Constance, A Story of Early Plymouth, first published in 1968. It was part of the inspiration for Three Young Pilgrims. The other part was that hardly anyone bought my first two books, which were made up stories. What, I wondered, if I wrote about people that people had heard of? What if the story of the real life Allerton children was surrounded with the world in which it really happened - like petals around the flower's heart? The story + maps, time lines, all the extra stuff I liked finding out - I wanted to show and tell as much as I could of these courageous pioneers.

Plymouth Plantation living history museum


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