They're Off! The Story of the Pony Express
Simon & Schuster, 1996 (available in paperback from Troll Book Club)
ISBN 0-689-80523-3

One dark night, twenty-year-old Howard Egan was riding through a canyon when he and his pony saw firelight flickering off in the blackness. Indians! Howard made a quick decision. Striking his spurs into the pony, he yelled "Eeeeeeeeeeeowooeeiee!" and charged straight through the Indian camp. Hoof beats and gunshots from Howard's Colt revolver echoed off the walls of the canyon. He escaped! Later he found out that the Indians were waiting to catch on the Express riders to see what they were carrying in such a hurry.

The first riders of the Pony Express, one in St. Joseph, MO, the other in San Francisco, CA, set out on their racing relay across the frontier on the 3rd of April, 1860..." BANG, as fast as a pony shooting out of a St. Joe stable, an idea becomes a reality because the time is right." As someone who is a major pantywaist about even driving to the store when the weather is too wintery, I was so impressed with the men and boys who rode their pnies across the wild country through all weathers, all dangers, and all hours with no headlights on their horses! Brave!
Pony Express Museum - St. Joseph MO


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