The Queen with Bees in her Hair
Henry Holt, 1993 (out of print) ISBN 0-8050-1715-1

Once there were two kingdoms side by side. For no good reason that anyone could remember, a wall separated them, and the people seldom visited back and forth. One kingdom was ruled by the hermit King Harry. He had never been seen by his people, for he never left his castle. The other was ruled by Queen Ruby. Her subjects saw her when she took her carriage rides on Saturdays.

See, this is an ecological fable about vain Queen Roby who learns a lesson, but she's still kind of dumb at the end of the story. It is my second book, but it's the first one I wrote. It was inspired by the summertime blackflies of New York State. I still love the pen & ink + colored pencil illustrations. They seemed to me how Howard Pyle (one of my favorite all- time illustrators) would have drawn 14th century Italy. Look at the paintings from then. I love the goofy perspectives.


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