Do I still write books or gallivant about on speaking engagements Generally, no, not anymore. But should you wish to know what I look like or need a picture of me for some other crazy reason, knock yourself out:CLICK to download this one.


My grandpa's dad,
James Jefferson Wolfe

Little Beau, new roommate as of April ‘18

"Let us never forget that government is ourselves & not an alien power over us. The ultimate rulers of our democracy are not a President & senators & congressmen & government officials, but the VOTERS of this country." Franklin Delano Roosevelt, POTUS No. 32

As I write, Fall 2018 approaches. Besides a painting I've begun, I've been deep-delving, genealogy-wise, into my family. For instance, I found a furry-faced great-grandfather I never knew I had: JAMES JEFFERSON WOLFE, born in 1848, the year gold was discovered in California. If you're reading this and you've got older relatives, ask them about your own interesting ancestors. AND I've been making a DOLL. That means getting to sculpt with clay, painting, plus designing and making little outfits and furniture.


My doll-in-progress is built with Super Sculpey, polymer clay.


(1.) When you visit my shop at, you'll find my Betsy-Tacy Coloring Book, based on the delightful Betsy-Tacy books by Maud Hart Lovelace; AND my Laura Ingalls Wilder Note  Cards - six different drawings on six blank cards with matching envelopes - as well as my popular,  informative, and exceedingly detailed Laura Ingalls Wilder Coloring Book.



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(3.) Read a lot. Write a lot. Make things!







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