The Windchild
Henry Holt, 1991 (out of print)
ISBN 0-8050-0558-7

Thea told them about countries on the other side of the blue-green earth and about animals they had never imagined. Her eyes flashed fiercely as she spoke of cyclones and hurricanes, and as she talked, she seemed to be gathering strength. Tom wondered if he was fooled by the late-afternoon light - for Thea seemed to be growing fainter - but somehow he knew his eyes did not deceive him.

Who - or what -is Thea anyway? She's the WINDCHILD, my very first published book that I wrote and illustrated. (I'd illustrated 7 books that other people had written.) I wrote it after I returned from Uri Shulevitz' children's book workshop in Oneonta, NY, September 1984. I got the call that it was going to be published a little after 7PM on the 14th of February, 1986. I'd mailed off the manuscript (gift-wrapped!) a couple of weeks earlier, the very day the space shuttle Challenger exploded: January 28. Having an editor call and offer you money for something you've written then illustrating the words is a wonderful experience. I recommend it to anyone. Getting a letter that the book's out of print is another kind of experience.


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